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Apparently, Saturn Has Giant Invisible Ring!

AstroNews - Do you know the form of Saturn? Think again: Saturn's outer ring is the largest planetary ring known to man, but because of the black color blends with the dark room, the image of the planet failed to catch it. Currently, scientists who examined the ring in the infrared spectrum say it was bigger than they thought. In 2009, astrophysicist Douglas Hamilton and his team found Phoebe ring using infrared image from the Spitzer Space Telescope, and it is really a great invention. For comparison's simple, if diibaratkab Saturn's ring finger ring, ring Phoebe like a giant truck tires. Nasa Documentation Although no one actually saw Phoebe ring prior to 2009, his presence definitely known to astronomers on the surface of Saturn's moon, Iapetus, which looks like another moon in the solar system. Iapetos white ice surface on the one hand but on the other black. Scientists have long suspected that the two-faced moon Iapetus become urgent because Ia
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Spider and Centipedes Venom Can Help Us to Fight Disease and Cancer

AstroNews - Spiders and centipedes particular - though separated by more than 500 million years klins toxins have evolved independently of the hormone insulin-like same. Latest invention, the toxin can be a new insecticide as well as potentially helpful against chronic diseases and cancer. Can usually develop from protein ever produced for different purposes. Spiders, for example, has been able to change the protein insulin-like into a powerful poison thanks hormone gene duplication. But researchers have just begun to figure out how to duplicate it turns into poisonous. Glenn King was especially impressed by insulin-like protein toxin made by Hobo spiders, which can kill some plants caterpillars destroyer. For 20 years, a biochemist at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia in Australia have been hunting new insecticides and other toxic spider survey of arthropods. More recently, he and his collaborators from the Chinese discovered a toxin derivative of the hormone in the

The 7 new frog species in Brazil

AstroNews - Seven new species of frog have been discovered in seven different mountains in southeastern Brazil. The unique climate region. At the summit, the seven mountains was surrounded by woods with a cold climate. While in the valley, the weather tends to warm. Climatic differences that have produced 21 frog species are already known Brachycephalus and seven new species. The seventh body length of the frog measuring less than 1 cm and most have a colorful skin and contains toxins to avoid them from predators. The newly discovered species, which are reported in the open access journal PeerJ, is the result of the expedition Marcio Pie, professor of Parana Federal University in the city of Curitiba, for five years in the wilderness. The discovery of 7 new frog species in Brazil He admitted that he could no longer count the number of mountain climbed. "It was very tiring," he told the BBC. "The mountains are not too high - most height 1,

This 15 Years Old Student Beats Professional Astronomers

AstroNews - A 15-year-old student managed to beat professional astronomers after discovering a new planet while working an internship at an university. Tom Wagg (15) examining data collected a number of telescopes in South Africa while working an internship at the University of Keele, Staffordshire, England. At that moment, Wagg see a small dot in front of the light of a star within 1,000 light years from Earth. After two years of painstaking research, the scientists established that point it is a planet that crosses the middle of a star thus blocking the star's light. "I am very happy to have found a planet and I was very impressed because the planet is very far from Earth," said Tom Wagg, who is now 17 years old. The new planet is believed to be about the size of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Milky Way, and around the sun in just two days. For comparison, Jupiter requires 12 Earth years, or 4,272 days to orbit the sun. This new planet orbit

Concern has important evolutionary benefits

AstroNews - In their first best-selling book, Half the Sky, married Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times columnist, and Sheryl WuDunn-which is the first pair to win the Pulitzer, observing the struggle faced by women and girls worldwide. Now, in A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity (Road also appears: Changing Lives, Creating Opportunities), they bring us exciting stories about the people who make the world a place-two women changed the Nairobi slum areas by expanding educational opportunities for girls at an American doctor who uses epidemiological principles to combat the problem in the city. We follow the author for goodwill books and heard how a woman in Malawi using donuts to change his life and the life of her husband, why the United States must rely on private donations, and why give it as much fun as eating ice cream or fall in love. Your book's title comes from the quote Lu Xun, a leading figure in Chinese literature. Tell us about that

Purchase Gold since Bronze Age ?

AstroNews - A recent study revealed that the gold trade has been going on since the early of Bronze Age, ie in the year 2500 BC. The conclusion was made after archaeologists from the University of Southampton discovered the trade route in southwest England to Ireland. In Ireland, they found artifacts of gold which is then examined using a sophisticated technique called ablation mass spectrometry Lasser. Artifacts found not believed to come from the land of Ireland itself, but rather brought in from Cornwall, England. Science Daily Documentation This discovery, according to lead researcher Dr. Chris Standish, an interesting thing. Because, previously very rarely known that early humans in Ireland are able to make equipment with gold material obtained from outside its own territory. The equipment is made in the form of ornaments baskets, disc or disc, and lunula (necklace). From the results of further research, the archaeologists concluded that people who live in

Small Clash in Your Head Make Mild Brain Injury ?

AstroNews - Each year in the United States, there are 1.7 million people who are diagnosed with a brain injury. Cases of brain injury suffered mostly mild brain injuries, not cause concussions. However, from the results of a study carried out for some time, researchers found that cases of mild brain injury symptoms that result from the impact of a small clash in the head. Even small gestures such as turning while others call us any inertia can affect the brain, which causes shear forces in the brain and the brain itself penimbul injury. The human brain is a sensitive organ. Minor collision it can cause a mild brain injury. In a study conducted by scientists from Stanford University, researchers examined brain MRI data from three patients to determine how often and in which direction the shift of the brain inside the skull that causes the symptoms of the injury in question. Popular Science Documentation As a result, if the brain is turned to a frequency range of 1